R. Kelly has just $13 left in his bank account

R&B singer, R. Kelly reportedly has just $13 left in his account after he had over $150,000 seized in order to settle a debt with his former landlord.

A judge reportedly took out $154,527.22 from the singer’s accounts which he had with Bank of America to reimburse Kelly’s Chicago landlord for back rent after the property owner won a $173,000 settlement against the embattled performer. According to reports in The Blast, the courts reportedly left Kelly with $650 in those accounts.

When that landlord requested the nearly $20,000 still owed him, Wintrust Bank claimed Kelly’s account with them was $13 in the red.

The report revealed that, Kelly’s former landlord is asking Kelly’s recording label (Sony), to settle the debt. Lawyers representing the landlord are also said to have asked the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher to relinquish funds earmarked for Kelly, but the songwriters organization claims they don’t owe him anything.

Kelly, who was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse back in February, faces a maximum of up to 70 years behind bars if convicted.

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