16-Year-old Malaysian boy electrocuted by his headphone

Mohammed Aidil Azzahar Zaharin, aged 16 dies after being electrocuted by his headphones which was connected to his charging phone.

The 16-year-old boy was charging his phone and listening to music with his headphones after which he fell asleep. The next day, his dead body was discovered by his mother.

When the mother found the boy lying lifeless, she thought he was still sleeping so she left him and went for work. On returning from work, she saw her son still lying unconscious in the same position he was when she left for work. Then she tried to wake him up but unable to do so, she called medics who declared him dead.

The Malaysian kid was confirmed dead and did not have any other injuries or bruises on his body other than bleeding and burns on his left ear, and the autopsy later showed that the cause of death was electrocution.

The victim’s brother also said that he felt a small electric shock when he touched the headphone cable.

Photos of the boy have spread online as a warning for others to be careful when using their phones while charging.

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