Actress, Dayo Amusa beckons on Young Ladies to stop dating married men

In a recent interview conducted, Nigerian actress Dayo Amusa have beckoned on young ladies to stop dating married men because one day they will also get married and will not like the same thing to happen to them.

She stated that being in a relationship with several men may lead to confusion and doesn’t lead to finding the perfect man eventually.

Read her exact words below

Frankly, as a public figure and based on what I stand for, I would not encourage a young lady to chase after married men. Some might say that married men would take good care of them, but it is wrong. It is not something I would encourage the youth to do.

“Also, I do not think that having numerous boyfriends gives you the privilege of having a perfect guy as it could even cause confusion at some point,

The actress went ahead to endorse celebrities fake life in the Saturday beats interview, stating that they are in the Showbiz and celebrities needs to show off for the business to grow

Here is exactly what she said about that

Although social media is a platform that is meant to provide opportunities for people, sadly, most people are misusing it. I do not see the big deal in any artiste going on social media to live a particular life because it is called showbiz. You have to ‘show’ for the business to grow.

“You have to brand yourself and make people see that you can promote their products well through the lifestyle you depict. If that is what people mean by fake life then it is fine. As an artiste, we live in a make-believe world which means that 80 per cent of the things you see us do on screen and even on social media are make-believe.

“It is totally different from my personality. I might be at home and choose to tie a piece of cloth round my waist and drink garri. But if I would go on social media, I would not want to do that because some of my fans would be disappointed.

“I am not advising young women to pretend to be who they are not. What I am saying is that as an artiste, we need to ‘show’ for the business to grow. I am a very realistic person and I do not see myself as one of those fake ones” 

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