Bishop David Oyedepo declares – “I am Dangerously Rich”

While ministering on the topic, ‘Heralding the dominion era of the church,’ Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo stated that he has neither received nor shared any booty from any government in Nigeria but yet he is dangerously rich.

The bishop made the declaration while ministering at the Faith Tabernacle during the ongoing 20th Shiloh, an annual programme of the church.

He stated that he is richly blessed by God and he has a clear conscience.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said.

The Bishop told the congregation, which included 4,512 delegates from 43 nations, that the church has the final say in politics, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.” he said.

“It is not something that we organize; it is by the hand of God. You can be upset, it won’t change anything,” he added.

“Until one is rescued, he cannot rescue others. We must remove the beam in our eyes before we can remove the mote in other people’s eyes,” he continued.

The event, which will end with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, December 9, 2018, features prayers, special ministrations, instant testimonies and encounter nights.

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