Cardi B Sets For Another Plastic Surgery, Seeks Prayers From Fans.

Popular American Rapper, Cardi B decides to undergo another plastic surgery procedure,

She wrote: “Getting surgery tomorrow, pray for me”

We Recall that, the new mother revealed in September that giving birth had changed her body. She also said she might go under the knife in November or December. She said

“My t***s were already a little low-low, you know what I’m saying, ‘cause I got my t***s done when I was 19 and I never wore a bra and s**t, you know what I’m saying? But when I was pregnant, my s***t was looking nice though, nice. I was, like, ‘Oh s***.’ Now though? Now Kulture did me filthy,”  25years Old Cardi said.

“I don’t give a fuck. If ya’ll motherf***s see me gone in November or December, I’m getting my t***s done. I don’t give a fuck. Matter of fact, I’m not even gonna call it surgery. I’m just gonna say a t***y renovation. Opens a New Window. ”

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