Groom Stripes Nude On His Wedding Day. (Photo)

A groom turned heads at his own wedding ceremony not because of his bespoke tuxedo or his designer shoe but because of something that can be described as rather unique and daring which he did in course of the ceremony.

A short clip that’s currently trending on the social media shows the groom, a half-naked, muscular man stripping down to flex his muscles in a bid to entertain his lovely bride.

The clip, which was shared by a Twitter user, @Yuggiio who showed two men at the centre of a wedding reception, the groom and his brother wore nothing but a tight underwear.

They were also rippling, bending and performing an erotic dance to a version of the song “You Raise Me Up” in full view of everyone present at the wedding.

The spectacle is majorly for the bride who sits and cheers them on with a smile on her face and regular applause.

The user who shared the video wrote,

“Check out what this groom did,” writes UG alongside the video post. “He took off his clothes to dance for his bride alongside his younger brother.

“Ladies, would you be comfortable to see your man go naked like this on your wedding day?” he ends the post with.

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