I have never collected money from any DMW artist – Davido

The DMW boss, Davido took out time to interact with his fans on Twitter via a question and answer session with the hashtag #AskDavido and many fans got their doubts cleared during the session.

As the norm is, whenever a label invests in an artist, it is just right that the label gets returns on investment by getting a cut from the artist’s profit when the money starts rolling in but that is not the case in the DMW label as Davido made the shocking revelation during the #AskDavido question and answer session.

Read the conversation between a Twitter user identified as @Solimzy1 and Davido

@Solimzy1 : is it true you give your signed artistes more benefits than what is even in their contracts? We see things online and I’m like damn you really go extra miles for your people🔥 #Askdavido

@iam_Davido:  Fun fact : I HAVE NEVER COLLECTED A DIME FROM ANY OF MY ARTIST RVEN THO THEY R UNDER CONTRACT.. I don’t need the money I’d rather them use it to invest in themselves

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